• Contact Prints and Stereo Pairs

    Contact prints are a print of the full frame print negative at 1:1 scale provided as a hard copy photographic print. Often supplied in neighbouring pairs for viewing in a stereo environment.

  • Enlargements

    Photographic Enlargements are available cropped to your area of interest, scaled if required. Printed at up to 44" wide on high quality photographic paper with UV protective archival inks.

  • Ortho-rectified Georeferenced Images

    Plannimetrically corrected, unlike an uncorrected aerial photograph, an orthophoto can be used to measure true distances as you would a map. Commonly used in GIS platforms, planning and (farm) mapping software.

  • Digital Files

    Digital files are scanned directly from the negative/s for the clearest possible image every time. We can provide any of our products and services as a digital file. Where prints are the customer's preferred end product, we encourage our high quality printing services, to provide you with a TRUE colour print on archival quality papers and with UV protective archival inks.

  • Historical Oblique Imagery

    An extensive set of impressive oblique aerial photography has been categorised and is available for purchase.

  • Prices